We started Hurghada.VIP because we felt something was missing when we traveled to Hurghada. Every time we where there everything was so unorganised and it was hard for foreigners to organise stuff. If it was possible to organise then it always becomes the question of price and if you ever been to Hurghada you know you need to haggle for everything. Thats why we decided to build this page and under one roof collect the best tours, best nightclubs, tips, tricks and much more.  To be able to supply the highest quality tours to the lowest prices we searched after a partner very long. Like everything in Hurghada it was always about haggling and negotiation. But in the end we found the perfect partner that offers low fixed prices on tours. The best part is that the payment is made in Europe with adds safety for the customer. The partner we selected is GetYourGuide. – FAQ

How can we offer cheaper tours in Hurghada?

The reason we can offer cheaper tours in Hurghada is that we don’t have to pay so many people in between. That’s also the reason tours booked inside your hotel are more expensive than tours booked outside the hotel. When you book inside the hotel, the person that sells you the tour needs to pay a commission to the hotel. We find this okay but the problem in Hurghada is that everyone wants such a big cut. We made extensive research and found out following:

A snorkeling trip through us costs around 20€-25€ depending on the season. But we have tours that are both above and under that price. At this price the following things are included:

  • Hotspot Wi-Fi
  • 2 hours at the Giftun Island
  • Breakfast sandwich
  • Buffet lunch with salads and fruits
  • Soda, soft drinks, tea, coffee, milk, and mineral water
  • 2 snorkeling spots around colorful coral reefs

The whole trip is 9 hours and includes pickup and dropoff at your hotel. The same tour would cost you around 30-40€ per person in your hotel and on top of that you need to negotiate the price. Even after hard negotiations, it will be hard for you to get under 30€ per person. For the same tour, you can book with just a few clicks through us.

Why we offer so many options for tours in Hurghada?

We offer 178 individual tours in many diffrent categories like snorkling, safari, water activitys, ATVs, city tours, parasailing and much more. To be able to offer something good to everyone we collected same activities from diffrent companies at diffrent price ranges. This way we have cheap tours that are loved by people on a budget. But we also have more exclusive tours for people ready to spend little extra for better service.

Why we don't show all the nightclubs in Hurghada?

We are concentrating on offering the best possible options for our visitors. That’s why we decided to not include all the nightclubs in Hurghada. Instead, we selected the clubs that always have a good party. No matter if you come on Monday or Friday.

Who is running Hurghada.VIP?

We are a group of individuals that love traveling to Hurghada. We have been the so many times and got tired of all struggles that come for new visitors.